The taste, the awakening of the senses and experimentation, have always been some of the most enjoyable aspects of life and characterize people's well being, those who express their love for quality in small, daily pleasures!

The ERA shops based on the values of well-being and came to give them new, unprecedented dimensions, inaugurating a new era of enjoyment inside the simplicity but also the undeniable nutritional value of the nature gifts!

Dried fruits, herbs and spices are exposed to a riot of colors, aromas and flavors that stimulate the senses and waiting for you to discover their history, their origin but also the plethora of new, different uses and recipes!

Through the more rigorous selection process and maintenance as other tasty diamonds the gifts of nature are chosen to combine with spirits, wine, to close a meal or to be used in numerous recipes with signature of known Chef, which will be soon available in the stores!

In Era stores are also available separate collections of wines, spirits, beverages and much more selected products which constantly renewed. Offered in attractive packages that are unique and as a gift!