1.1 The terms and conditions relate to the use of the www.eranuts.com website and purchase products through this. The conditions apply as configured at the time of your order and are subject to change. Each time you use the website or submit an order through us, you are bound to agreement with these terms.

1.2 The use of the website and the purchase of products through this governed by Greek law and your use of this stipulates your agreement of this as the governing law. For any dispute that may arise competent jurisdiction is that where the Seller has its registered office.

1.3 In case of cancellation of a term, the remaining terms continue to be valid and in force.

1.4 We reserve the right to revise and amend these Terms from time to time.


2.1 Operator of this website and seller in the consumer sales contract is the company with the name "ANTONIS KRASSAS AND CO EE ", distinctive title« ERA NUTS », based in Psychiko Athens, 2 Omirou str., TAX NUMBER 997 496 651 VAT and Tax Office in Psychiko.


3.1 We have compiling contract when we send you relevant e-mail which mentions our acceptance. The e-mail which informs you that we have received your order does not constitute acceptance and conclusion of the contract. If you do not notify us your email address we compiling contract when your order has been delivered.

3.2 Before sending the final order you have the opportunity through our online store to add or remove products into your electronic shopping bag. While you complete your purchases before you send your order, a window with the products you have selected appears and the total of the cost (include the cost of transport). And at this point you can fix that you want.

3.3 If we have taken an order with products which are not available we reserve the right before accepting to let you know the time of their availability and if you do not agree with our proposal for the product to be delivered within a specific timeline, we will return you the whole amount that you have pay.

3.4 We have the right to cancel an order if we consider that you have submitted a false or fraudulent order and inform the competent authorities.

3.5 The photos displayed on our website are for indicative purposes only.


4.1 All the products and the shipping costs include V.A.T.

4.2 We accept payments on delivery and credit or debit cards. In the PURCHASING INFORMATION section all relevant information about payment is mentioned.

4.3 If you have not made the full payment, the order remains in our property.

4.4 The prices of products could be changed but any change does not affect the order of that moment. The prices quoted in your order are valid for you.


5.1 For the shipment of the products we work with the courier company ACS or SPEEDEX. All the details about the time and the shipping cost are mentioned in the section PURCHASING INFORMATION.

5.2 It is our duty to send you the products at the address of your choice, which you declare in writing when you send your order. As well as to inform you if there is a delay which does not allow delivery within the given delivery time frame.

5.3 Delivery is considered from the moment you sign the proof of receipt of goods to the agreed place of delivery.

5.4 The company does not accept responsibility in case of accidental destruction from the time that products have been delivered.


6.1 You reserve the right to withdraw your order if any of the products of your order is not available.

6.2 If your order is not delivered within the timeframe mentioned on the website and at a maximum of 30 days without an update from our part.

6.3 Once your order has been delivered to you via courier you do not have the right withdraw your order.


7.1 We are responsible for any factual defects and any lack of agreed properties.

7.2 We are not responsible for any financial compensation for damage to life, health or physical integrity through the use of our products.


8.1 Some products from our online store according to researches have healing properties, this does not mean that they replace medical science. For health problems always consult your physician. The information mentioned on our site is intended only for information purposes.